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Life is short and art is forever, so treat each thing you design as your legacy.

Shelby Askins


Laconic & Co. began to design lifestyles and ideas. Shelby was born and raised in South Carolina and has always called Greenville home. She acquired her love for classical beauty from her travels to Italy and other European countries. She believes that good living involves comfort, sophistication, and a touch of the unusual. She is able to fuse the modern and antiques with the comfort of a southern home. With her infectious energy and diligent work ethic, Shelby puts her all into each project. Her designs are anchored by classical details, gorgeous colors, textures and patterns. She believes the design process is layered and a work of art in itself.

Shelby's latest product creation, Laconic Jars, launched at Duo Design Studio in October 2020


Since founding her company in 2020, Shelby has worked on a broad range of commissions, from interior design and event projects, to marketing and branding work for boutiques, restaurants, and some private businesses. She has collaborated with a variety of companies and institutions including Sum Bar, Audrey Gore, Jasmine Kitchen, and Duo Design Studio.

Color is always a good idea...

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